Army knife fighting

Army knife fighting focuses on solutions for tactical tasks at any cost. There is no sparring for points. It is a tough and most applied martial art.

A modern military school focuses on powerful lethal stabbing where knife fighting skills are beneficial for effective combat. To satisfy these needs was developed a special technique of fencing that involves severe, fast attacks void of sports manoeuvring. Techniques aiming at constraining enemy`s movements, clinching and numerous stabs are widely applied.

If troops enter in a direct contact with enemy, a knife turns to be an indispensable tool. Bladed weapon is often used by intelligence to carry off a sentry or to capture an informant, by troopers during assault operations and even conventional infantry during a close encounter with enemy. Knife fighting is taught as a separate discipline in most of the world’s Special Forces units.  

Army knife fighting in Ukraine is experiencing a revival. Among members of our knife fighting Federation there are fighters who participated in ATO, who know from firsthand experience of military operations and are ready to share experience and the most effective practices.