The system for female stress-training “Garda” is an effective method of self-defense and psychological development. There are no restrictions on age and weight, learning to defend should be available for everybody.

“Garda” is a social, non-profit unique project that has no equivalent in the country. It is sport, possession of firearms and edged weapon, excellent physical shape, cheerful mind and self-confidence. Such stress training can encourage inner strength and improve personal efficiency.

It is not sufficient to be armed with a knife or a gun for a woman to feel confident. It is all about will, determination and courage. If you have spirit it is not necessarily to use weapons. Problems are solved much easier when a lady is independent, optimistic, respect herself and not afraid of anything.

We teach self-defense, hand-to-hand fighting, basics of tactical medicine, stress resistance, trail orienteering, possession of firearms and bladed weapon as well as sticks fighting.

The program is flexible and evolves in accordance with demands of the time. “Garda” is a chance to change yourself and your life.

Training is conducted at the address: Kharkov, Square of Defenders of Ukraine, 7/8, office center “Beehive”

Saturday, Sunday 10.00-12.00