Sticks fighting

A stick is an obtainable self defense weapon. Being skilled to apply it you are no longer afraid of enemy exceeding in strength and growth.

In a critical situation all that comes into hands can save your life: a baton, piece of a pipe, umbrella, walking stick or tree branch will become an effective tool for self-defense. Even with an umbrella you can hook a leg or poke in a face, a short baton is effective in a crowd and an Irish walking stick can deliver fast, whipping strikes. An ordinary stick provides plenty of opportunities to fight back against a bully or a robber.

A baton is in active military use of most security units as highly efficient and practical equipment. Police are trained to possess this tool.

There are dozens of different federations in the world that practise stickfighting. Their rules and equipment may vary, but they have common desire to implement the most effective practices. It aims at painful strokes on limbs and use of feet and hands technique with clinching of an enemy and further knock-out with elbows and knees.

KFFU supports traditions and teaches the technique of martial arts. We welcome to training everybody who wants to master stick fighting and learn self-defense!