Sports knife fighting is a full contact sport incorporating elements of fencing and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. It is fundamental for improvement of physical form and learning applied self-defense.

Sports knife

Army knife fighting is a military discipline that is popular in many countries of the world. It is a mandatory course for training of paratroopers and Special Forces soldiers.

Army knife fighting

"Garda" is a system of female stress-training. It is a new system for learning effective techniques of weaponless self-defense, as well as use of bladed weapon and firearms. Social project created at the initiative of the military-patriotic organization non-commercial association «Shіdniy Corps".


Sticks fighting is a comprehensible and practical self-defense system. Learning of effective techniques for improvised means application.

Sticks fighting

Our goals

Implementation of a modern combat knife fighting concept into practice of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard.
Fostering a fighting spirit and strong body
Support of sports knife fighting clubs
Promotion of a healthy lifestyle