The Knife Fighting Federation of Ukraine (KFFU) is the only Ukrainian organization aimed at purposeful development of knife fighting and unarmed self defense skills. Our fighters are involved in many sport-specific competitions on various contact sports. The effectiveness of our school is confirmed by victories of its instructors and students in dozens of competitions. Almost always KFFU athletes are among the best.

Bladed weapon training was considered previously an army discipline or exotics of Eastern schools. Nowadays the situation has changed and it has nearly gained the status of official sport. And it is not surprising, because a knife develops dexterity, endurance, motor skills, reflexes and strength as well as tactical thinking. It teaches the ability to see events from a different perspective and to respond quickly to the situation.

Such qualities are necessary for every person. They rescue in a do-or-die situation when everything depends on your actions, but also do with everyday life. Ability to catch a fly with a hand or a pen falling from a table, react quickly are not merely fairy tales of Chinese teachers, it is a natural condition of a trained athlete. The world is becoming more conscious, clear and predictable.

Knife safety training school makes a person confident, increases self-esteem and fosters a culture of mutual respect.  Training, participation in competitions, high achievements and victories raise moral courage and internal harmony.

Knife fighting is an affordable kind of sport, the founders of the KFFU began their training in a parkland with home-made models of weapons. Comfortable gyms and necessary equipment are available now but that’s only the half of it. Many sports require special equipment, expensive outfit, accessories, sports nutrition, vitamins, minerals and diet. For knife training you need nothing but desire. It is affordable to everyone – students, single mothers and pensioners. Everyone can come to us and learn sports knife fighting, self-defense or fencing with sticks. We invite everyone and will be happy to advise you.

Everyone can gain success, it requires only your desire. Attend a workout in KFFU, we will help you become faster, stronger and better.